Milla has grown bigger.
And her demands on memory have also increased.

Compete against Milla this time in an animated memory!

Try to beat her again, you have an infinite number of tries.

Find pairs with the same animations!

But this time Milla won't give you a chance...

We go on 10 different animation sets...

You are competing here against a perfect memory. Every card that is turned up is remembered by Milla. Otherwise it will not dissipate any further strategy.
So you can't leave it to chance which cards Milla sees. Let Milla reveal new cards, then it's not impossible.

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The beginning was a crisis.

Milla came running to me one day and was very sad.
She showed me a small set of self-drawn memory cards and despaired that her copies hadn't turned out right away.

My solution, to photograph the best variant and then print it out - twice - was very well received and the bad mood was blown away.

We enjoyed making and digitizing more cards so much that I convinced Milla to make a tablet app out of it...

On Flickr I found our old orphaned series about the handicrafts...

flickr screenshot

Millas Memo Original Art on

Original Webseite on

The game also had another special feature - I had installed a light AI and it was possible to play against Milla. We also covered their hands with colorful decals and took photos of them.

Then 3 years ago I started a big remake with Milla's Memo 2. Milla had other ideas in the meantime, but gave her blessing to develop a second part with her name.

Millas Memo 2 Cover Art

Of course, I didn't want to ruin your trust. And so I tried to up the challenge a bit.

First of all, I eliminated the AI's occasional pauses in thought, which I used generously in the original version so as not to overwhelm the young player.

Then I replaced the card images with 2 second abstract animations.

Finally, I turned the cards into flip-floppy smartphones with touch controls and replaced Milla's child's hand with a 3D model.

And not to forget I introduced some chilled electro sounds.

Here you can already see the original UI from 2020. I wanted to bring the game experience even further into the present/future. Therefore there was another UI update in 2022. Making it future-proof, so to speak, so that Milla isn't ashamed of it :-)

But as a game designer I wasn't completely satisfied... something was still missing...

Exactly hand to hand! In a future arena where only the stars are watching, where you have to focus on your challenge!

And it feels exactly like I always hoped it would!

It's like Milla's memo came home...

Can be experienced on the Meta Quest 2 and Pro!

Millas Memo 2 - Meta Quest App Lab

It's very hard! But very comfortable and chilled.

Have fun remembering animations!

Yours Matthias

KlickaffenGameClub Creator

Big update at Milla's memo

I designed 5 new animation sets and added 3 more chilled electro soundtracks. Fresh new user interface!

Milla's memo is now prettier, louder and of course even harder!

Under the hood I swapped out the animation video player for an image sequence player. the animations are now more performant and stable!

Have fun !

Matthias from Klickaffen

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