A fun runner & platformer mix where you can literally bend the world to your will.

You are the Mighty Melon, to your disappointment you have not been invited to the Blender Party! This is a grave insult! With your might you can bend the world to your will. Can you reach the blender in time before the party starts?

Gameplay & Controls

Using your finger you can bend certain parts of the ground both up and down, by doing this you can reach different parts of the level where you can find pickups, enemies, boosts, jumps and flippers allowing you to complete the level faster or with a higher score.

We are developing this game for fun and as part of a two month school project. The first version will be available Wednesday, 19th of September on the Play Store.

In the coming weeks we will be regularly iterating on gameplay and content, based on community and player feedback. It goes without saying that any feedback/comments and criticism are appreciated!

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Today marks the first release of Mighty Melon. For this release we are looking for feedback on the game mechanics and the look and feel of the game.

In our internal testing we have noticed that the "bending" mechanic is not intuitive enough for most people. We are looking into different ways to make the mechanic more obvious to players. In this version we have introduced visual indicators at the start of bendable ground so it's easier to recognize where a player can start manipulating the ground.

In our testing we saw people swipe too quickly, the slow motion being triggered by interaction is not obvious. To address this we are looking into different ways of making this easier for the player, such as progressive tutorials and "back-up" gesture controls. It goes without saying that any suggestions for this are welcome!

Thank you if you stuck with us this far. We would love for you to give our fruity game a try and leave some juicy feedback for us to work with. We'd be forever grateful! :)

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