In Might & Fealty, players take the role of one or more nobles, all of whom are active in one persistent sandbox world similar to that of our own Middle Ages. You will march, form armies, conquer villages, build them into towns or cities; swear fealty to and fight alongside a large number of other players and possibly even create kingdoms. The point where other games end is the point where Might & Fealty really begins:

This game is all about empowering you to play as you want to play, and allowing you to make infinite choices. But every choice comes with consquences. Choosing to be a hero to some, might make you a villain to others. Natural resources are inherently limited, so choosing to expand your villages will mean someone else gets less. Choose to be a loyal friend or choose the path of betrayal. Choose to spread your holdings by sword, - or by trade and diplomacy. Choose to be a loving spouse or an unfaithful lover. Infinite choices, but always with consequences.

Play as a landless knight who wanders the world, a small-time lord, or the monarch of a huge kingdom. Get married, have children, and see your family stretch through generations. Choose any path you want, and it all depends on your skills and nothing else. Might & Fealty will never block your ambitions - but other players might! Interaction with other players is the core of the gameplay, and they all have their own ambitions and choices to make. Best of all, every player will create their own unique story as they play and that will be recorded in the game world. There will be a living, evolving, history that is made by the players as they play.

The current beta is a web-based game, but a 3D client using the Unity 3D engine is being planned.

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In-Depth Videos


The crowdfunding page is being updated with in-depth videos, each a few minutes long, that go into some depth on various aspects of the game, including some game-design comments on how things are built and why.
The 4th such video has just been released, and new ones are promised every few days.




Might & Fealty has launched its public crowdfunding drive.

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