Mechwarrior 4: Mercenaries is a battlemech piloting simulation and part of the Mechwarrior and Battletech universe unleashed by FASA Studios. In April 2010, MekTek received permission from Microsoft to release the game for free using their MekMatch torrenting program. Now that MekTek has refocused its energies on Heavy Gear, it is up to the community to keep the classic mech piloting tradition alive. This group will also serve as a platform for downloading new content created by the community, including new maps,mods and mech decals, some of which have been hosted by other enthusiast sites.

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So glad to see that people still care to make this treasure available to all!

This website and Commander A9 aka {White Wolf Reborn has done a Super job in keeping our MW4M Game alive. His trying to do everything Legal and above board has proven he has helped Many. Kudos goes out to your WhiteWolfReborn. Our community appreciate everything you are doing and have tried to do to keep Game alive. There is no other Game like it and those still playing is the Proof.

Continue with what you find necessary for all of us to continue playing where we can still have fun and enjoy all the MechWarriors we have played against and with.

Congratulations and for giving us a Website to come to and see what is going on.


Mechwarrior 4 is a nearly flawless game with a grand array of customization options. It takes some effort to set up, but it's well worth it. Even if you only play the offline single-player campaign, it's still a fun game; however, it truly shines online, especially when fighting with a coordinated team.


You like mechs? Yea, me to. You know what mechs do? They walk.. it's kinda their think, that's what makes them different and cooler form tanks. And the think is that all others MechWarrior(the new one to) and BattleTech games don't take walking seriously because who care right. Well I care and people who were making MW4 were apparently to and the effect is that mw4 is the (sadly)only well animated MW game in the world where mechs are walking like they should, not like they are levitating in air with leg following them or pushing them around.


Top Notch Game.

Single Player is too short though. ;)


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The best


Been playing the MekTek release since 2015. MechWarrior4Mercenaries may not be as pretty than MWO, or as kinaestethicaly pleasing than MW3, or as combatatively in-depth as MW2Mercs, but it is brimming full of content, all of it you can play offline, no hassle!

As MW4Mercs, it has a proper career/campaign mode where you start off as a recently sponsored, fresh face just out of MRBC. From there you take on one contract after another, breezing off in the backdrop of the FedCom civil war. Escort, patrol, search and destroy, etc. Various jobs to take, with an option to jump into gladiatorial arena that is Solaris if in need of additional pay. What's great here is you can have the choice on either joining either side of the war(Davion/Steiner), which is factored by your reputation in the two houses during the course of your career. Or you could just let them have whatever their issues may be and just improve your own Mercenary status.

Besides that, you can opt in to 'instant action' for some, well, instant action. Or to play around with what yours, your buddies, and your bad guy's builds would fare in a quick, short, combat. There's also the multiplayer, where, if ever bereft of online endeavors. You could simply setup a large-scale bot skirmish on crapton of custom maps.

Mektek's version of MW4Mercs added ALOT of mechs and weapons into the roster. You'd be staying alot in the mechlab.

And as I said, it may not feel as "stompy"-heavy as MW3, but it's still a MechWarrior game, the best mech-sim series ever to grace PC.


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