Mech Inferno is a top-down shooter similar in gameplay to Smash TV and Gain Ground, but with a setting that merges Castlevania with Contra. In it the player will progress in a typical level structure. The game uses a mixture of 2D and 3D graphics and is designed to be played with a Super NES style gamepad. After the fall of civilization, evil inherits the Earth and it is renamed Gomorrah. There is one safe haven for humans, Paradiso, but it costs a fortune to buy your way in. Sydney and Adelaide plan to do just that with the use of their homemade mech. The quickest way to make money in Gomorrah is to take it from the demons, but they soon learn there is hell to pay when they steal from Gomorrah's richest demon, Mammon.

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What's in a Name?


Okay, so I think this is it. After much thought and careful deliberation I may have come to a decision on the name for my project. Perhaps I will call it Mech Inferno. This title has beaten out the former project title of Gomorrah: Hell to Pay. Maybe I will still work the subtitle Hell to Pay in there somewhere, who knows.

And just in case I feel like changing my mind and flip-flopping back and forth I went ahead and registered Oh and I spent some time coming up with this thing here:

So now if I change my mind I will have wasted all that time working on the above logo. So take that indecisive brain of mine.

Mech Inferno Feature List

Mech Inferno Feature List


Okay, so maybe not quite a feature list but more of a proposal. This is basically what I started with when Mech Inferno was first developed. I don't try...

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