Mars Conundrum

You find yourself sent to the remote Mars mining outpost to investigate pause in the communication. You are no warrior, thus preparing certain strategies is paramount.

It will be up you to find out what is going on and hopefully, you will be able to sort things out.

This game has turn based combat where player can choose form different abilites to overcome your enemies.

The game features save/load system, so you do not have to finish whole game in one run.

As you progress throughout the game you will be able to upgrade yourself to make sure you exterminate anyone who would try to stop you.

Levels in the game follow the story so you should know what is going on and what do you need to acomplish.

Thank you for downloading and playing this game,

Cheers, GravelGames

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Mars Conundrum - Release



I am more than happy to inform you that I managed to complete and release this game - Mars Conundrum even sooner that I anticipated!

So go on, download it, play it and send me your feedback!

Thank you very much!



Here are some screenshots and video from the game!

Trailer from the game - Mars Conundrum


Control room from the game.


Showcase of the new combat UI

3 2

Showcase of the riddle from the game

8 1

Combat UI + one of the bosses from the game

1 2

Screenshot of the prologue

Mars Conundrum - New features

Mars Conundrum - New features


Article about most recent changes and newly added features into the game Mars Conundrum.

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Mars Conundrum

Mars Conundrum

Full Version

Mars Conundrum is turn based game with story set on the remote mining outpost on the Mars. You were sent here to investigate the pause in the comunication...

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