- Solve riddles and get your magnet to the finish through the most dangerous places in the universe. The realistic interaction model of game objects awaits you.
- More than 100 levels and a location generating mode, which provides infinite depth.- Compare your results with other players and share created locations.

- Upload new levels and soundtracks for free.

- Cool graphics and breathtaking visual effects. Lightnings, magnetic fields, lasers, distruction effects and much more.

- Get unusual and entertaining chain reacti of magnets in the games and share this moments with your friends!

- The Magnetism is an amazing game with the most elaborate realistic physical model of magnetic induction and interactions between magnetic objects, developed for mobile devices. It combines elements of different game genres, such as action, puzzle and riddle in its own special way.

The "Magnetism" sets a new level of game experience for puzzles, riddles and action games.

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The Magnetism game – technomagic from childhood


We are a small team of developers from Russia. The team consists of just three people, so, in the beginning, I allow myself to present all our members.

Eduard – programmer, game designer, he is like a whole team in a single person, mastermind and co-founder of our project. With his help, magnets became to move, lightnings – shine, and server – share music and files of locations.

Ksenya – very talented designer and marvellous 2d artist – savior of our UI, and our first game tester.

Dmitry – 3d artist, consultant and game effects designer.

We would like to share our brand new game with You, the «Magnetism». We were creating it during the past year, and now, it comes to You on mobile devices.

Do You remember the rapture from playing with magnets on the surface of your domestic freezer in childhood? That always spellbinded us, didn`t it? Moreover, the compass arrow seemed to contain a true magic!

Our game inspires wonder by that invisible force, and moreover, it strengthens that feeling. There are two game modes in the game – «Classic» and «Hero».


In the first mode, you can compete in intelligence and inventiveness with developers by solving riddles, and in the second one – in luck with Your friends. In fact, locations and enemies are generated in a random way. A set of tactics and hints is significantly vast. You can try to pass the game by quick breakthrough, not allowing the enemy magnet to chase you, or you can solve a location like a riddle by pushing away your enemies from the platform of location, analyzing the sizes of magnetic fields with help of bonuses or setting the wooden obstacles. In addition to it, the global gameplay is based on high score tables. You can share the information about your scores and files of locations and propose it to Your friends. In addition to previous, if the record has been beaten, an appropriate notification is send to an ex-champion, which stimulates the interest of players.

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