Magisi Tale is an indie Crafting and Foraging adventure game. Based in the world of Magisi, a magical world, full of witches, talking cats, beer and ghosts. Random huh?

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What's new: February 2018


I have not posted any updates for over a month as I've been working hard developing the game at any given opportunity.. plus a house move from London up north. I finally came up with a name for the game.. Magisi Tale! The game is based in the world of Magisi, so it sounded fitting.

Introducing The INN!

I've finally got around to adding the Inn into the game, the Inn is accessible from Noon until 2am, after 2am the bar staff will advise you to go home as it's not safe to be outdoors this late. I'm debating a system, that will make you fall asleep and return you back to your home if you stay awake later than 3am.

Whilst at the Inn you can collect yourself a new Recipe Book for brewing Pale Ale. Start by reading the recipe book (found lying around on one of the tables in the bar), collect 3 wheat and 1 sugar cube and then a delicious Ale can crafted. Also just to mention: The Tip Jar, showing your gratitude to the bar staff can go along way.. generous donations will even receive rewards.

You should also try speaking to the strange looking blue guy in the corner of the Inn, he's willing to double your bet in coins if you can correctly guess the card he's hiding! - He does not like losing! There is also a Whack-a-Mole mini game, which will not make it's way into the upcoming beta, but will arrive in future versions of the game.

Inn Preview

Card game

Improved Menu Screen

I've played around with the menu screen for so long and this time I am happy with the final version (although, i'm positive I will still make a few small changes here and there). Now all the information that you need appears on one screen: player stats, skills, quest logs and the inventory are all there at your disposal.

Menu Screen

The Graveyard

Moving onto the more spookier side of Magisi is the graveyard, a place where you will discover friendly ghosts, evil bats, eyeballs and more. The graveyard will lead into the Swamps, which will be a perfect place for you to increase your combat skill fighting an array of enemies. I've still not created the swamps in game yet, but I am currently designing them. Try reading the grave stones!

Magisi Graveyard

Combat Skill, kick jelly butt!

I finally decided to add the combat skill in to the game, which as your combat skill rises, so will your strength and the types of weapons you can wield. Currently there are only two enemies, the blue jelly and the swamp bat. If you need more health, you should try eating your cooked produce or items foraged from trees and the floor.

Combat Skill

That's all for this months post, but check back soon as..

I'm gearing up to release the DEMO of Magisi Tale very soon! It will be release over the next week, give or take a few days! Send me a message or follow me on twitter @projectmagisi if you need any more information on the game!

Thanks for reading guys, your support means the world to me. xo

Development Diary: January 2018

Development Diary: January 2018


This is the first Development Diary, explaining some of the key mechanics of the game.

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