MachManager is a Simulator, where you can build your own machining company

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Indev 1.2


In this version I added some new core features.

It looks horrible but it works for now.
You can already use the buttons on the top to change the playspeed


With that you can place things on the floor. It works with a ray that is cast from the mouse position on the camera wich get checked if it hits the floor.



Works with someting called AABB collistion detection. Wich uses the same ray as above to check if the ray is inside a defined box

Object Selecting

There is the code for it:

public static boolean calcselect(Vector3f lb, Vector3f rt){
	float t1 = (lb.x - camera.getPosition().x)*inverseRay.x;
	float t2 = (rt.x - camera.getPosition().x)*inverseRay.x;
	float t3 = (lb.y - camera.getPosition().y)*inverseRay.y;
	float t4 = (rt.y - camera.getPosition().y)*inverseRay.y;
	float t5 = (lb.z - camera.getPosition().z)*inverseRay.z;
	float t6 = (rt.z - camera.getPosition().z)*inverseRay.z;
	float tmin = Math.max(Math.max(Math.min(t1, t2), Math.min(t3, t4)), Math.min(t5, t6));
	float tmax = Math.min(Math.min(Math.max(t1, t2), Math.max(t3, t4)), Math.max(t5, t6));
	if(tmax < 0)return false;
	if(tmin > tmax)return false;
	return true;

Animation was the biggest and hardest topic in this version.
I used the code from ThinMatrix as a base wich was already pretty complicated.


There are some other things going on.
- Logistic network has been rewritten and works now bugfree.
- Some redoing in the Entity-loader system.
- Workers are now rotating in the direction in wich they move.
- Some minor bugfixing

New Model:

CTX410 fin

Indev 1.3 Topics:
- Rooms
- AStar pathfinder
- Welding and sawing machines
- Machines spare jobs
- frustum culling
- some bugfixing and refactoring

Indev 1.1

Indev 1.1

News 2 comments

Biggest updates: Menu, Entity Loader, Jobcreator, Workers.

Indev 1.0

Indev 1.0


I just finished Indev 1.0, which contains the Production System.

Development States

Development States


I I thought about the development states of my game(inspired my minecraft)


cool game can i try it?

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Thunderwork_Studio Creator

Thank you, but no. Currently there just core mechanics implemented. You can't do anything at the moment.

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