You are a 14 year old girl, tricked and taken into the depths below ground of a large forest by an sinister evil being, which preys on the lone walking alone around it's home.

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Features done for today and future implementations.

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Hello everybody,

in this first development log of the game, I will present you a video showcasing all of the mechanics I implemented for today. This is now the first time you will get to have a glimpse of the game and how it might look roughly in the final release. I can guarantee that it won't, as things will heavily change and improve as time goes on.

All of the updates which will be posted, will not receive any spoilers or anything related to the main story itself, so what you will see will not be present in the final game. The scenery for recording is exclusively built for the purpose of showcasing and testing grounds. As I get to know more of the engine, I will be able to build a more immersive environment for the full release.

The main branches for today are:

  • 1. Advanced breathing system for the main character, which includes

- Passive nose breath when idle or walking, as showcased in the video

- Sounds for sprinting

- Completely out of breath sound ( x<10% stamina)

- Various camera shake features, for idling/standing, running, crouching, jumping etc.

In progression for the main character sounds in the future will be:

- Sounds for jumping

- Falling panic (scream if dropping from extreme heights, slight grunts if low ground)

- Pain (hit, bleeding, burn, poisoned, losing consciousness and weeps, etc. generally for all damage types)

- Anxiety / Fear

- Dizziness

  • 2. Physics based interaction system

- The player will be able to drag/carry objects around. Heavy objects require more strength, therefore are more difficult to drag compared to lightweight objects.

We can expand this to the point of being able to be used for puzzle spots, with the addition of much more items of variety and different usages, effects, for example moving keys into locks, or moving furniture to access a certain spot. Much more things will follow.

A limited inventory system to carry reasonable sized and important items would also be considered. Starting from small pockets in your clothes, to backpacks you can find in the world.

This would be it for today. Thank you if you took the time to read the article. It has been a big accomplishment for me and I'm looking forward to further expand the game and bring it to life, before I begin building the prototype demo and later focus on the full release packed with the main story line.

More logs will follow after soon.

Good evening

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