The follow-up to the 2D multiplayer shooter Soldat, by Michal Marcinkowski. Link-Dead is a hardcore realistic side-view multiplayer only combat game.

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fgg02 says

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Most awesome game in recent years. If you like tactics and shooter you need to get on this one.

MM brings a second multiplayer only classic.

Every single features is made to be better then great:
-Customize Equipement
-Big variety of gun, attachement, improvised explosive device and gadgets
-2 TOTALY different factions
-Incredible 2d graphics
-Dynamic lights that really affect gameplay
-3d sounds that really affect gameplay ;)
-Great universe, overall feel
-Shooting mechanics that make it more then a run and gun
(play soldat for run and gun !)
-Manly theme !!!!!!!! for those of us who cant stand an hour cutting ropes or catching stars
-intense gore

+++++ THIS GAME IS SUPPORTED BY MM that means new features/balance update for multiple years !!! the only other place you get that is with blizzard ! +++++

+++++ THIS GAME IS TOTALY MODDABLE that means you can expect a whole lot more : MAPS, GAME MOD, FACTIONS, CLASSES, GUNS, GADGETS, GRAPHICS ! +++++++

I will play this game for many years, and try to get my skills to the top.


Great game, the pacing and the two playable classes, acutally add quite a bit of strategy to the game. I also like how you have to pay attention to the sound effects so that you can tell when enemies are sneaking up on you.


Simply Awesome game and its only in Alpha phase cant wait for a full retail version of this game


For the best idea for a 2d game, for having all great element I should a great game must have. This was a master piece. Sad day when MM stopped developing it.


This game is insanely hard.....I LOVE IT! first thing i did was learn the controls but after taking one step i died, the bots are hard, wish they moved though..great game, keep up the beautiful work!

Seems pretty good, I've only played against a bot though.

Really interesting game with experimental gameplay. Way to make 2D shooting really realistic! Too bad the creator completely forgot about this to focus on his other successful game.


Beefyrulz says

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This game looks interesting, But I can't take any chances, MINECRAFT MUST WIN! I WANT THAT CAKE!


A well made game, great to play with friends. Don't expect to find too many people in pub matches, though, because almost no one is on at any given point in time.

BEST 2d game ever created! The game-play is simple amazing.

You have to play Link Dead NOW!

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