Welcome to Light Trail Rush! In a far future the galaxy is looking at the Light Trail competitions with excitement. This is where heroes are made and champions write history. In this action-packed brawler it's not about reaching a finish line. Through fast-paced gameplay and tactical use of power-ups eight competitors need to battle each other for points. Secure the most points and you will claim victory.

The leader of the pack is called the Tracer. He's the one drawing the road, free-roaming through the battle arena in space. By making the road treacherous, those chasing him will fall off. This will earn the Tracer points. At the same time the Chasers are fighting each other in an effort to claim the first spot. By using all kinds of power-ups, Chasers can earn points by bumping each other off the road.

He who reaches the point limit first, is victorious. Light Trail Rush guarantees action-packed and fast-paced gameplay. Now let’s brawl!


  • Unique action-packed, fast-paced gameplay
  • Players draw the road themselves
  • Free roaming through different battle arenas
  • Each map procedurally generated, no race is the same
  • Online multiplayer for eight players
  • Full controller support
  • Four unique space ships, each with different attributes
  • Unlockable customization options
  • Unique skins, player-owned, stored on the Ethereum blockchain


After centuries of space expansion, Ambrosium became the most coveted resource in the galaxy, the cause of conflict. When the Pax Ambrosia Treaty ended the war, the defeated and battered Houses were forced to surrender all Ambrosium trade rights to the Konsortium. Even though the treaty brought peace, the unfair distribution of resources and power resulted in a growing underground rebellion against the Konsortium. The Konsortium uses the Light Trail competitions as a peacekeeping endeavour to appease the masses. Millions attend Light Trail competitions, and the sport is a popular form of entertainment as well as a political outlet. Heroes of the Light Trail League bring hope and pride to the working class.

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B2Expand is proud to announce that their upcoming sci-fi brawler Light Trail Rush is now in beta. Everybody is invited to test the game and dip their toes in a futuristic universe where the battle for resources resulted in a new type of gladiator area: the Light Trail competitions!

Light Trail Rush will move into Steam Early Access in the coming months. Until that time B2Expand will keep updating the beta to improve the game experience. Requesting a beta key is possible on the website www.lighttrailrush.com.

The game might remind players of futuristic racing classics like Wipeout and F-zero, however in Light Trail Rush it's not about reaching a finish. Instead it's about brawling and earning points. As the leader of the pack you're called a Tracer. The Tracer is the one who's drawing the road. Creating tricky roads and making the 'Chasers' fall off, earns the Tracer points. At the same time Chasers are bumping each other off the road, earning points themselves that way. You don't need to be in first place to win in the Light Trail competitions!

General tips

  • This is not a racing game. Light Trail Rush sure looks like a racing game, but there’s no finish line. In its essence, this is a brawler. You’re battling to bump opponents off the road and earn points.
  • You don’t need to be in first place to win. Because this isn’t a racing game, you don’t need to be the Tracer to also win the game. Chasers who are good at bumping others, are also very capable of winning.
  • Power-ups are your friends. Don’t miss out on them. Those weapons you find on the road are definitely needed. For example, shockwave is fun when you’re amidst many others.
  • Take time to learn about the four different vehicles. We have the physical Goliath, boosting Merlin, versatile Urumi and speedy Firebird. Within the game’s customization menu, you can adjust the vehicles speed, acceleration, handling and resistance within a certain range. So for example you can improve the handling of the Firebird, by removing some of its speed. You can tweak your favorite ship and really personalize its characteristics. (We’re not even talking about its look!)
  • Play Light Trail Rush with a controller. It makes things much easier!

As a Tracer

  • Use your rear view camera to locate incoming threats. Dispose of them using you power-ups. This is one very challenging thing to do.
  • Making corners and loopings only gets you this far. It’s highly recommended to use right-stick for rolling maneuvers. These can be super confusing for those chasing you.
  • Use the environment to your benefit. Driving in Light Trail Rush is quite a challenge, especially for the Chasers. However, don’t make things too easy for your as a Tracer. Move close past objects. That way the road will generate though that rock or piece of metal, adding another obstacle for those behind you.

As a Chaser

  • We can’t stress it enough, but it’s not your goal to become the Tracer. This won’t guarantee you victory. It’s much more important to be aware of the enemies around you.
  • Use the Ambrosium boost (nitro boost) wisely. For example, don’t only use it to overtake the Tracer, but also make sure you bump him off road. Boosts can be used as a weapon too.
  • Tracers can make tricky roads. Don’t feed them too many points. Therefore it’s wise to sometimes hit the brake. Skidding can also help to make sure you don’t fall off.
  • During the race you have to collect power-ups. Your space ship can carry multiple power-ups. This is not like Mario Kart, you can switch through your power-ups. Do that, so you make sure you’re using the right power for the right situation.
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