Laser Tanks is a fast-paced Top Down RPG shooter game where you battle hordes of alien monsters and bosses in various environments using advanced weapons and laser tanks. The game features unique monsters, numerous weapons, and different laser tanks to operate.

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Laser Tanks Demo is now available for free on Playstore!

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Experience the intense action-packed world of Laser Tanks and take on hordes of aliens with your arsenal of weapons and laser tanks. Explore a variety of environments, from dark forests to sci-fi planets, and fight your way through over 40 unique alien monsters. With stunning visual effects, epic boss battles, and a combat system that will keep you on the edge of your seat, Laser Tanks Demo is a must-play for any fan of action RPGs. Download now and let us know what you think!

Aliens πŸ‘½ of a Dark Magical World stole a Gigantic Chip upon which the whole Earth is dependent, Now it's on you how you revive this 🌍 Earth again.

Laser Tanks is a Pixel Action RPG where to succeed in your mission of "REVIVING THE EARTH 🌍", you must continuously eliminate the enemies. Just Pick up the weapons and let the 🀜 brawl begin in this Dungeon, Full of Adventures. It's a combination of Action with Survival.

β—ˆ Numerous weapons from Machine Guns to Rocket Launchers, can be used to knock out alien monsters.
β—ˆ 8+ Laser Tanks, that you can operate and fire Lasers to take down ugly aliens from different planets.
β—ˆ Experience a stunning world of environments like Dark Forests, Dungeons, Sci-Fi, and more, with NPC characters to bring it to life.
β—ˆ Beware of deadly aliens that can take your life in a matter of seconds.
β—ˆ With the Auto-Aim mechanism enhancing control, Dodge Alien's Bullets & take down all the Alien Monsters.
β—ˆ Numerous Alien Tanks will obstruct your mission of Restoring Earth's Life.
β—ˆ Conquer over 40+ Alien Monsters, each with its own unique patterns.
β—ˆ Explore the Dungeon, Collect Crazy Weapons! It's the Best 2D RPG Shooting game in Pixel Retro Style on Playstore.
β—ˆ When your Tank clashes with the Enemy's Tank, It's an Ultimate Tank War Showdown
β—ˆ Epic Boss Battles, Prepare for an Epic Showdown against the Boss, Who is Stronger than the rest of the Alien Monsters.
β—ˆ Earn Electrons as a reward when you kill different monsters!
β—ˆ The Combat System is packed with Visually Stunning elements such as Camera Shakes, Slow-Motion Effects, and Juicy Particles.
β—ˆ Atomic Launchers help you to deal extensive damage to the Enemy Side.
β—ˆ Complete various missions like deactivating CCTVs, unlocking with pin codes, card swipes, and more to progress through the game.

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