ENG: Learn more about the historical events of Portugal in the New State period as they unfolded through the censorship of the press. PT: Aprende mais sobre os eventos históricos de Portugal no período do Estado Novo, à medida que se foram desenvolvendo através da imprensa censurada.

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Hello there!

Today we are bringing you our first development update, where we can see the first mechanics being tinkered with and a first look at what our videogame will look like.

Starting off we have our sneak peek at what our game might look like, and a prototype of what our ui elements will look like, the headline text is of course in Portuguese.

BullShot usar

Here you can see our first mechanical tests

Walking test.

Walk 1

Pushing and jumping test.

Jump Push

Test using the cursor, and interacting with objects.

Mouse Testing

First Post!

First Post!


This is the first update post on the development of our little game. With this post we want you to be able to understand a little more of our idea through...

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