Land of Towers

Land of Towers is a VR adventure game for the whole family. Reality-based quests, distinctive architecture, intuitive controls, creative workshop, picturesque locations for relaxation.

As a boy, he dreamed of becoming a glorious commander, but fate had other plans for him. This story shows the everyday life of a humble signal tower keeper, with both work and adventure, duty and hope.

Many signal and military towers have been built throughout the mountainous country. They serve as outposts for caravans of a Great Silk Road branch, as well as for warning of enemy invasion.

It is up to signal tower keepers to make the people ready to repel an attack.

Rumor has it that the enemies are planning to attack through the gorge, guarded by the protagonist.

There has been no signal from the Gate Tower, which is the last and most crucial link in the chain of signal towers, for several days now.

If the warning signal is not transmitted from it, all the work of the keepers will be futile.

Find out what happened to the Gate Tower! The road is hard, but it may be the start of the adventure you've been waiting for your whole life.

Game features:

  • advanced building system
  • reality-based quests
  • unique architecture and setting
  • intuitive controls
  • creative workshop
  • picturesque locations for relaxation

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VR Fest 2023

Buy Land of Towers -50%

Dive into the enchanting world of Medieval Caucasus with "Land of Towers," a family-friendly VR adventure that blends magic with meditative exploration. Forget conventional battle scenes; here, every step is a journey towards creativity and discovery.

Don't miss Steam's VR Fest, from December 4th to 11th! This extravaganza for VR enthusiasts will feature a wide range of games, from exciting new releases to beloved favorites, complete with exclusive demos and discounts.

And the highlight: seize "Land of Towers" at a whopping 50% off! It's the perfect time to immerse yourself in a unique VR adventure at an irresistibly attractive price.

Land of Towers UPDATE 1.3.1

Added localization for the following languages:

  • Turkish
  • Japanese
  • Korean
  • Chinese

(ADD) Added voiceover for the diary in the "Tower Watcher" story. You can switch auto-play of the diary or listen to individual entries directly in the diary. By default, the diary's auto-play is enabled. The voice volume can be adjusted in the sound settings in the game options.

(IMPROVE) On some graphics cards, parallax mapping was causing black dots to appear. Now, parallax mapping is turned off by default. It can be enabled in the video settings.

(IMPROVE) Changed the hand animation when grabbing an object by pointing with the hand.
(IMPROVE) Improved hand animation when grabbing an object with a hand gesture.
(IMPROVE) It's now safe to grab containers from a distance.




Land of Towers UPDATE 1.2.0

Land of Towers UPDATE 1.2.0


Localization, Achievements, and Gameplay Mechanics Improvements.

Land of Towers UPDATE 1.1.0

Land of Towers UPDATE 1.1.0


Land of Towers UPDATE 1.1.0 Smooth movement & rotation, crouching and more. Smooth movement has been added, but it is still in development. Smooth rotation...

Land of Towers (Steam VR) | Teaser Trailer

Land of Towers (Steam VR) | Teaser Trailer


In Land of Towers (Steam VR), all you need is a hammer and nails. Complete the quests by crafting what you need with your own hands.

Family-Friendly VR Adventure Game 'Land of Towers' Now Available on Steam!

Family-Friendly VR Adventure Game 'Land of Towers' Now Available on Steam!


Family-Friendly VR Adventure Game 'Land of Towers' Now Available on Steam! -10% launch discount!

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