A modern dynamic arcade game for mindfulness and reaction. Under your control, there are three switches that turn on and off the contacts of the three lamps. The wires are moving charges of three colors: red, green and blue. Your task - to timely include contact, if the charge is the same color with a lamp, and turn off when different. The simple logic of control is complicated by the speed of movement of charges, where you have milliseconds to make a decision. Try yourself and your reaction, hold out as long as possible and collect as many points as possible.

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Lamps 2


Lamps 2: Dark Zone (mobile game for android minimum 4.0)

★ Turn on the switch (on) - when the lamp is moving the same color charge, 10 points.
★ Turn off the switch (off) - when the charge of another color moves to the lamp, 1 point.
★ Collect a star to play in the Dark Zone, star - 5 points.
★ Sometimes additional lives will fall, life - 5 points.
★ Double, triple ... points are given for the re-inclusion of lamps (x2, x3, x4, x5)
★ The best in the game is to light all three lamps, for which 50 points are given + 1 life, and in a Dark Zone, for the inclusion of three lamps - a secret item is opened.

★ Two play areas, light and dark.
★ Select the tortoise speed for beginners.
★ Endless speed increase mode.
★ System of ranks and player experience.
★ Extra points for different combinations.
★ 30 training levels.
★ 12 secret items to open.
★ 2 rating tables of records.

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