Kreedz Climbing is a unique, non-violent, puzzle-platformer type total conversion for Half-Life 2 where the player attempts to climb or jump his or her way to the top of a given environment, in a race against time and other players.

Derived from the speedrunning gameplay found in KZ in Counter-Strike 1.6, this game attempts to replicate those unique movement mechanics and extend them to offer new disciplines, features and opportunities for both players and level deisgners. Playable in either single-player, multiplayer or cooperative mode, players tackle difficult and complicated courses, sometimes tasking them with solving puzzles, and utilizing a myriad of different techniques to optimise and improve their completion time!

With other 80+ maps and 150+ courses, Kreedz Climbing offers a significant challenge - through your choice of course in a map, the map itself, and whether you use the checkpoint feature, you can tailor the experience to your own level of skill. Challenged to improve yourself and tackle more difficult challenges, will you dare to nocheck a map?

A highly customisable game, configure it to your liking and enable Counter-Strike models if you wish to feed your inner nostalgia. Kreedz Climbing is designed to give a home and a game to KZ gameplay and bring it to new heights.

Learn to use the KZ, Bunnyhop, Longjump, Surfing, Bungee, Powerjump and other techniques to complete the courses in record times. Can you nocheck them all?

It's Gamer vs Gravity.

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Hello followers!

Kreedz Climbing has been released on Steam and can now be downloaded from the Steam store. Thank you for all your Greenlight votes and comments, as well as your comments here - we hope you'll have a lot of fun playing the game and that you'll join us in trying to make Kreedz Climbing the best possible game!

You can download the game from here:

See you on the servers!

Kreedz Climbing has been Greenlit!

Kreedz Climbing has been Greenlit!

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Kreedz Climbing has been Greenlit! Thank you for all the support!

Kreedz Climbing is now on IndieDB and Steam Greenlight!

Kreedz Climbing is now on IndieDB and Steam Greenlight!


Kreedz Climbing, a unique jumping game with an emphasis on speedrunning, is now on IndieDB and Steam Greenlight!

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Kreedz Climbing Greenlight Installer

Kreedz Climbing Greenlight Installer

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Kreedz Climbing's Greenlight version, free to play.

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A new community guide is available on some useful console commands, have a look!

Jun 18 2017

The release was a success! Thanks for everything everyone :)

Jun 16 2017

We're released! You can download the game here!

Jun 15 2017

We're releasing within the hour! I really really hope anyway. Here's the greenlight post:

Jun 15 2017

We've been approved by Valve! Releasing on 15th June - 4 days from now. Read the announcement at !

Jun 11 2017

Greenlight is shutting down. This shouldn't affect kreedz climbing! Visit the group at to be surely up to date!

Jun 6 2017

Looking for dedicated server operators! Please read the announcement on Greenlight for more information:

Jun 1 2017

Just made a progress update! Read it here:

May 30 2017

Scripting of movement keys (for example "nulling" and jump;wait;jump and duck;wait;duck) is now prevented, hope that makes people happy!

May 30 2017

Thank you for the positive feedback to our announcement, it's very kind :)

May 29 2017