Play mode will present you with 100's of our designed areas that will randomly appear along the vast never ending hallways of KonCraft, on top of that you will be able to use your own created areas along with ones created by others. The creatures you encounter will have random abilities, loot and experience points. Every once in a while you will encounter bosses. Bosses will drop extra and superior loot, but be wary these encounters will most likely be a difficult battle. As you progress through the immense dungeon you will gain experience points, gold and resources for upgrades, crafting items and purchasing equipment.You gain skill points and levels with experience, skills and items will remain with you when you die but your level will be reset upon starting a new dungeon. Most of the items and recipes in KonCraft will have random abilities and magical properties. Crafting recipes will require random resources upon every new dungeon.

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Lots of you ask, what about enemies? We are HARD AT WORK trying to make the deadline for our release. Our voxel engine was COMPLETELY REWRITTEN from the ground up to help incorporate a lot of ideas we wanted. Now it is infinite in all directions and builds as you play like Minecraft but infinite up. So you can travel in any direction and the build is now multi-threaded so you shouldn't see a hiccup when the world loads between chunks. Here is a big update.

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It has a been a tough two weeks with 18+ hour work days, mainly because we decided to rewrite the internal workings of our voxel engine. The KonCraft voxel engine was COMPLETELY REWRITTEN from the ground up to help incorporate a lot of ideas we wanted. Now it is infinite in all directions and builds as you play like Minecraft but infinite up. The game actually starts at 1,000,000 blocks above ground. The KonCraft voxel engine now loads twice as fast as the defaccto standard of voxel games. Unfortunately, because of these major changes, play mode has been delayed until we are finished working the bugs out. It's best that we provide the current working paid version with very few bugs where you can play for hours as opposed to pushing out an engine that just isn't up to our standards yet.

Enemies: All of the enemies in the game have been packaged up and ready for import once the engine is complete. This will be any day now.

If you would like to help this game come more quickly, you can always donate to
our project at
Thanks to all the supporters who have done so already!

All of the following items can be placed in a single dungeon room up to 100 times each. Most all objects here are resize-able with custom properties

  • Platforms
    • Great for moving obstacles to jump on
    • Can be used as moving walls for doors
    • Can be used for crushing the player
    • Many more uses
    • Standard Cube Shaped Platforms
      • Moves in all directions
    • Rotating Platforms
      • Standard cube shape
      • Disc shaped
  • Pushable Block
  • Ice Platforms
    • Can be thin breakable or thick
    • half block sizes
  • Spikes
  • Pendulum Hammer
    • Imagine 50 of these in a row!
  • Pendulum Axe
    • Imagine 50 of these mixed with 50 hammers mixed with 30 moving
  • Trap Doors
  • Key Enabled Walls

Moving Platforms:
You can place moving platforms in the world. you can specify their height, width, depth, travel distance, stationary size, movement speed and whether it auto moves or not when player is on it:

Here are the enemies that we hope to have in the release:

Bevarian Skulker

Vulture Snake

Raptor Bat

Nall Bat

Bavarian Hydra

Severed Horror




Beholder Bat

Donny Biter


id like to ask for copyright reasons if you have asked the makers of Eyes: The Horror Game to use there severed horror monster

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Toiq Author

Statement from author of models:
Dear Ricky,

Wow your game idea - voxel dungeons is AWESOME XD thanks for buying our models we're really honored to be in your credits :D

Kind regards,

The model developer is listed in our credits. Would you like any other information?

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no thank you i was just a little curious

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Toiq Author

i don't get email notify of comments here, it's best you either post on main game page or message me. luckily i found this comment randomly and was able to provide and answer for you.

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