Play mode will present you with 100's of our designed areas that will randomly appear along the vast never ending hallways of KonCraft, on top of that you will be able to use your own created areas along with ones created by others. The creatures you encounter will have random abilities, loot and experience points. Every once in a while you will encounter bosses. Bosses will drop extra and superior loot, but be wary these encounters will most likely be a difficult battle. As you progress through the immense dungeon you will gain experience points, gold and resources for upgrades, crafting items and purchasing equipment.You gain skill points and levels with experience, skills and items will remain with you when you die but your level will be reset upon starting a new dungeon. Most of the items and recipes in KonCraft will have random abilities and magical properties. Crafting recipes will require random resources upon every new dungeon.

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This game is pretty darn good from what I can tell, it's got nice physics and graphics, I can see it doing well.


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