- A unique graphical style. You play on a knitted canvas where all characters are also composed of raw threads.

- Three distinct world: the Earth, Heaven and Hell. The game begins on Earth, and the other two locations can be unlocked based on the player’s actions during the game.

- The player can buy weapons upgrades, passive abilities and consumable power-ups, using coins collected in the game (e.g., for killing enemies or acquiring bonuses).Weapons Upgrades increase duration of weapons. Passive abilities allow the character to survive longer, while power-ups may be used to increase movement speed, activate immortality for a short time, or dispose of all enemies on the screen.

- There is a lot of bonus collectibles scattered among the levels.

- Game offers a high level of replayability thanks to the random challenge generator.

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Knitted Deer is an endless dasher of sorts that splits its gameplay between three worlds: earth, heaven, and hell. You start out on earth, fittingly enough, and the other levels are unlocked based on the decisions that you make in-game.

As players run about the endless sweater world, they'll be able to collect coins to use on weapon upgrades, passive abilities, and consumable power-ups. (c) PocketGamer.uk

Heaven and hell

Heaven and hell


We glad to introduce you our Heaven and Hell Worlds!




So we happy to announce our first game, "Knitted Deer"!

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