You are a little helpless but very athletic courier whose duty is to bring a very important messge from the frontline to the king. You need to be fast and overcome some easy, some very difficult challenges across your journey. Courier is planned to be a Super Meat Boy type game (no guarantee for not changing ;) ) planned to be released first on PC and later (if it plays good) on mobile.

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I am very happy to announce that I am working on a new title which I call Courier (at the moment). It is my second "bigger" game after Indeep . In courier you are playing a denfesless very lightweight but indeed athletical courier whose duty is to bring a very important message from the frontline to the king.

testgif 1

At the moment it is planned to be a Super Meat Boy type of game. I am still thinking about making giving it some RPG aspects like stats and items, but I am not sure if it fits properly. So I will go the Super Meat Boy way at the moment. So You have to master some difficult situations (sawblades, tricky enemies, jump and run passages...) to reach the end of each level. As I said, very Super Meat Boy. It will also feature different locations, like frontline, forest, cave and so on. All scenes made with (yep again :P) pixel artstyle.

So a quick repeat:

  • new game
  • Super Meat Boy like
  • difficult gameplay
  • different levels
  • project at the beginning (working for 2 months on it while learning for university)

Thanks for reading and stay tuned for future updates, articles, videos, screenshots and whatever else I can post ;)

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