Rise to the top of your own gang of thugs, and then take on the street’s top dog, the Kingpin. You wake up in a dumpster only to realize you’re now in a violent area where only the tough survive. Grab a lead pipe and prepare to make your way to the top of this urban nightmare.

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I hate to review my favorite games, that`s why I give them 10.
But this one deserves a review because it`s special...

Kingpin is built with id Tech 2 engine (Quake and Quake II are based upon a same code. Doom is id Tech 1). The game has strong mature content, but that`s not all great about it.
Let`s call this came Strife in Quake II engine! You start the game with a intro sequence, the story is nothing special. It`s typical seeking for vengeance.
You can interact with NPCs with Positive and Negative actions. How you interact with NPCs in that way they will respond.
Some NPCs don`t want you to be armed in their presence and some can sell you stuff like the guy at the beginning in the game with Crowbar for 1 dollar.
Some NPCs are mercenaries, you will have to pay them and they will keep your back safe in combat...
As you battle with enemies you`ll notice that game does not play like Quake II at all. Combat is more tactical, you will find yourself losing health rapidly. Dying is also common, even on lower difficulties.
There is also a store you`ll come across like in Strife. You can buy yourself med-kits, armor, weapons, ammo and add-ons.
Add-ons for weapons are really useful, you can upgrade your pistol with magnum and silencer. Silencer adds the sneaky gameplay because you can also go stealth.
Levels are in non-linear fashion with hub system. You have air vents that can serve for sneaking. Also there is a notebook, it`s like that devise from Strife. All missions/quests you come across will be noted so if you forget you can see what to do.
Graphics are awesome in this game. Xatrix used better dynamic lighting from Quake II and dynamic shadows. Also there are lens flares on lights. Flashlight is added to help you in dark areas!

Awesome and underrated, buy this game. You won`t regret it!


One of my all-time favourite video games. Everything is just about perfect, from the art style to the sound design, from the weapons you pick up to the gritty urban environments you shoot **** up within. Maybe KP isn't for some but if you like Quake and Quake style deathmatch you should at least give this unappreciated FPS masterpiece a try (don't forget to grab the latest MH patch though, it offers a lot of useful options and allows newer computers to run KP).

Raw, "Pulp Fiction"-influenced noir gaming. Available on Steam and GOG. Recommended for players who enjoy: Revenge cinema, "100 Bullets", "Sin City", Quake II, Redneck Rampage, Manhunt 1+2

Xatrix crafts a fairly detailed and incredibly unique world of crime and degradation. In Kingpin, players are thrust into a revenge tale in which none can be trusted and everyone has a price. Light action elements including conversation and shops. Incredibly violent, with realistic lighting and setpieces, however, the textures have not aged well. Difficult, and requires a patient hand, in contrast to the twitchy nature of the engine/gameplay.


This was a very good game, and one of the first I ever played on PC. The dark, gritty atmosphere of the game suited the story perfectly. Including the music of Cypress Hill was also a nice touch.


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