A puzzle game making waves. Diabolically simple and beautifully minimal, slide waves until they match.

- A completely original, never-before-seen wave puzzle.
- Increasingly challenging wave formations and combinations.
- Retro style music that hints at a solution.
- Achievements, how far can you get?
- Pay what YOU want! Free is totally an option. Go for it.

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Kerflux OST Now Available


We never expected our home grown sounds to generate as much feedback as it has. Let it be known that we have heard you loud and clear and the Kerflux soundtrack is now available to loop on end until your batteries give out over on SoundCloud.

The Arghitect moniker is how we'll be releasing all our official Punk Labs music projects as well as anything else we might come up with. So turn the volume up to 11, keep the lights down low, and enjoy our tribute to the retro sounds we grew up with.

Kerflux is Now Available on Google Play

Kerflux is Now Available on Google Play


Kerflux is making waves on an Android device near you! Now available on Google Play.

Kerflux is Coming to iOS

Kerflux is Coming to iOS


Introducing, Kerflux a puzzle game making waves on iOS August 12th.

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