Venture the continent of Azulari while trying to solve a countrywide mind control issue with your companions!

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game development


This Game has been in the works for close to 7 years, I take pretty long breaks from time to time when it comes to developing the game. I currently work full time and can only devote time to the game on weekends so progress is slow but steady. Instead of making maps and events, I've been writing the script and implementing key mechanics for the game. I've also forgone the idea of a completely original soundtrack in favor of tracks from games that already exist that fit the situation. Credit will be given to all companies and composers involved with said tracks. Although not all tracks are borrowed from others, the game will be free upon release because of this feature. The majority of the game bosses have a unique gameplay mechanic that keeps it from being your typical beefy boss fight. Aside from work, the only major thing holding me back from going all-in with development is asset acquisition. I'm currently waiting for some music tracks that are being commissioned as well as some pixel art for areas later in the game. Lastly, the means for a demo to be released are in my possession, but I'd like to have all my assets before putting one out so I can gauge interest in the game which in turn will help me create the game faster and efficiently.

I will upload more screenshots and gameplay videos in the future, please look forward to it.

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