A humoristic game inspired by the Jig-Ai album

Katana Orgy

The Original idea was to do a crazy, humoristic and comically bloody game
based on inspiration that I and my buddy (Megalover) got from the Jig-Ai album
Katana Orgy (I strongly advise you to not google it if you have a weak stomach) which is basically an insane grindcore album with a Japanese gore theme.

There were 2 aims: To create a crazy, short story-based game with tongue-in-cheek
humour and a crazy backplot, and to learn to do stuff with the Quake/Darkplaces Engine.
We aimed to create a couple of levels, a story about Alien Samurai Lumberjacks going to
Earth to chop off some bought forests (but getting fended off by a group of ecologically
oriented clones, AKA Economically Headed Liberation Coalition) and intense amounts
of cheap GFX, oldschool action and crazy weapons, such as the Katana Chainsaw, the
Burning Human Fat Thrower, Bone Launcher and the MEGABASS. See a pattern? One idea was to
use the intense amount of gore as collectable resources.

However, at some point during development, after I had completed the weapons, and some basic
enemies, I decided to make it a wave-based shooter, that possibly holds the same generic
backplot (maybe it'll turn more serious over time or just not noticeable.) You still are Aliens,
and you will still (probably) be shooting clones, their commanders and other stuff.
It is ugly now; as it was intended to be initially. I really didn't spend much time on it initially because
we wanted it to look cheap. However, I will most likely be improving the
graphics in due time. The aim, now is for it to be a game design exercise/project and getting acquaintanced
with the Darkplaces engine.

I am using GPL stuff as the base for the project. I am using Openquartz, the GPL data for Quake1, Darkplaces
a GPL quake engine and the 1.01 QuakeC-code that is under the GPL. I will also release everything I make under
the GPL (excepting certain stuff, such as the maptextures; not all of the maptextures are mine and they are
released under varied licenses, but I will make a file that lists all the textures etc. that are not mine or
GPL originally.)


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A new map


Long story short, I promised a long ago to post an update to this game. Though this is more of a fun project than a real game, I'm still going to implement a new enemy type and a new map to this game. I've lost the code during multiple reinstalls of my computer, but it doesn't take long to patch it up to where it last was.

I don't know how seriously I will continue this project, but I will at least put in what I've already done. Should I hold a mapping contest? If I create a tutorial for creating maps for KatanAlia, it should be semi-easy. I am also willing to take any suggestions on making the game better or at least new features. The code is open source too, so someone who is willing can contribute whatever they deem necessary.

A friendly reminder

A friendly reminder


We haven't jumped off of Insanity Express just yet + song upload

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Katanalia V 0.2

Katanalia V 0.2

Full Version

Version 0.2 ----------- Bugfixes, changes and some new stuff. -A new gun: BRN-HRTX, aka Booby fat gun. -A new map: Chinatown Chowdown. Err... it sort...

KatanAlia V 0.1

KatanAlia V 0.1


A very early demonstration version, with a very very slightly modified Darkplaces Engine running it. Contains spawning enemies, scoring, 3 weapons and...

Jukeri12 Creator

I really need to keep at this. I've been working on other smaller-time stuff aside whatever I've managed to scrounge up to this date. I might not make an engine update for some while but I'll do some work on the QuakeC-side, if only minor works.

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great game!! maybe you must to turn off the chainsaw sound! very funny :3

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