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Shinobi Online Early Alpha


Hey everyone! I'd like to announce that Shinobi Online is now in it's alpha testing stages!

The game now has an official Discord channel and we're already building a community for the game. If you are interested in getting more information on the game, follow the development closely or even help with development yourself; The Discord Channel is for you: Discord.gg

Here's a little video showing some gameplay!

Shinobi Online is an online MMO inspired by the Naruto world set in an alternate timeline. The 2D PvP experience combined with the online networking system will give you the amazing MMO experience that you've always been looking for!

More Screenshots!

More Screenshots!


Some more screenshots. This is one of the numerous islands that will in-game! Keep an eye on Kaizoku the pirate mmorpg by liking our new page on facebook...

Kaizoku on Facebook!

Kaizoku on Facebook!


Hello everyone. Kaizoku is an online pirate MMORPG currently in development. To follow Kaizoku's latest updates, please like our new facebook page!

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