the player is a mechanical engineer that while experimenting accidentally opened a portal to a alternate universe like earth but different so they pick up there jet just in case if they need it and enter the portal but what the player didn't know is when the player enters the portal there would be no way back

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Hello dear reader, im vrglab the creator of jumping jet (my best successor).

in the past year i have been working on this game openly, but sadly the pc version of the game has fallen it is broken to the point of no fixing so major decisions has happened i am switching platforms from computer's to android phone's (with a chance of ios support). This does not mean the pc versions of the game will never be updated they are just on hold. i also have decided to make the phone version free with IAP (in app purchase), store and cosmetic's. we are also changing genres to platformer jump and shoot.

but yeah that is it currently thank you for reading.

Weekly jj News

Weekly jj News


A documentation about how the update is going when will it be published

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