Infernal Underground is a FPS Doom/Quake based Style developed by HeXentic Games.

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Wow some stuff finally appears and now we still in development, now supporting linux platforms and well we still working with the same technology

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Hello supporters

Well as you see in the title we have a really problems with Gamestudio technology and after a long long time of thinking we decide with the Lead Programmer of HeXentic Games the idea to still with Dark Tech and make our own game using our own technology, but I guess someone ask about what Dark Tech is... well Dark Tech is just a modification of the source code of Cube 2 Engine (now we use Tesseract Engine, another cube 2 modification), we take the advantage of Zlib license for make our own private technology, actually the development of the technology is form a third party developer but involved into SlopSak Media association .

In the other new that you can see, we finally did it and now Infernal Underground has a Linux port (running in x64 and x86 architectures), unfortunately for our Linux supporters we can't develop the official Linux version of the beta released a year ago, the reasons are internal, but basically use old files and folders of resources with some bugs in the importation we can't lost any second of time doing that delaying the official release development process. I hope the Linux fans can understand this decision.

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