The game Infelum is a single player escape-room game, where the player wakes up in purgatory. As he goes through the several rooms, to try to escape, we will be meet with choices and puzzles that will determine if he goes to either heaven or hell

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Devlog #7 - Enviroment pt.3


Hey everyone!!

Today we have even more models our Artist has been working on for our game, as well as the inspirations and references behind it.


So for the final room of our vertical slice we were going to have some sort of living room, therefore our artist has been searching for references tvs, sofas and coffee tables to populate the room.
These are some of the references she used

1 2

Fig.1 - Reference used for our TV

2 3

Fig.2 - Reference used for our sofa

3 4

Fig.3 - Reference used for our coffee table


After the search and reference gathering as completed it was time to start modelling, these were the final results with no textures yet, what do you think of the result make sure to let us know.

4 4

Fig.4 - Image of the model of our TV

5 2

Fig.5 - Image of the model of our sofa


Fig.6 - Image of the model of our coffee table

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See you next week!

Devlog #6 - Character Models and Enviroment pt.2

Devlog #6 - Character Models and Enviroment pt.2


In this devlog we are going to show you some models for our character as well as some more models showing the enviroment of our game

Devlog#5 - UI pt.2

Devlog#5 - UI pt.2


In this devlog we are going to show you some more details about some of the inspirations for the UI of our game as well as how oue menus and flowchart...

Devlog#4 - Level Design

Devlog#4 - Level Design


In this devlog we are gonna show you some of the level design of our game as well as some inspirations and the creative process behind it all

Devlog #3 - UI and Inventory

Devlog #3 - UI and Inventory


In this Devlog we are going to show to you a very important aspect of our UI that we have been working on recently, the inventory.

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