An action game which allows you to play through one of many Indy's adventures. This time Indy stands against not only Nazis, but also Chinese Black Dragon Triads in a race for the Dragon Heart, the first Emperor of China's artifact, which is believed to grant its wielder amazing supernatural abilities... Combining melee, close combat weapons, firearms, puzzles and stealth, this 3rd person shoot'em up / beat'em up/ platform game is what an Indy fan should expect - action, adventure and humor, all packed nice together.

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Probably the best Indy game for the PC in terms of gameplay - other than the original classics of course!

Desktop Adventures was okay and Infernal Machine will always be the #1 Indy game for me, but if you don't want clunky controls and repetitive puzzles, then the Emperor's Tomb is the way to go

Sure it's still clunky and getting a controller configured to it is a real pain, but when you finally get the controls how you want, you're in for a treat and while the story isn't as strong as it could have been - it's still Indiana Jones =)


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