You control a group of dungeon-raiding heroes, but where in a classical RPG you would control them directly, here the raiders are fully AI-controlled instead. One very important aspect compared to other idle games is the games' focus on fully observable simulation of the games' characters.

Combat isn't abstracted behind menu buttons and number labels, instead you can actually observe your raiders go over to a monster and smack them in the head.

As a player, you take care of loot management, define the equipment and skill builds that the raiders use, unlock upgrades that help your raiders in combat, or assist them with consumable items such as healing potions or damage boosting scrolls. Second Run also added base building which serves as the primary way to unlock new game features during progression.

Change look of raiders on the fly. Many cosmetics available!

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Version 1.6 released!


Hello there!

Working Miner

Another update for Idle Raiders: Second Run.

Your Raiders can find The Mine now. Shrouded in mystery it's whereabouts are unknown. No, not really, but here is a hint: sand, a lot of sand. More hints hidden on other social media sites. Your raiders will have another backpack to put stuff in. You wished for it, you'll get it. By the way you should feel a boost in performance, because we also compressed the savegames. There are more changes, but these are the big ones. Where is the rest? One word, changelog.

Mining Cave

Your miners are very hard working little creatures, but they will expect payment for their work. If you can not afford their timely payment, they will refuse to do further work.

Working and non-working Miners

It is now possible to place roads anywhere on the base map, even if the place is occupied by an actual building.

Road Placement

After loading your savegame, you will be shown all your offline-gained gold and xp.

Offline Farming

You don't know Idle Raiders: Second Run?

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Idle Miner




Hello players, we make our first steps on IndieDB.

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