ICE is a moddable vertical shoot-em-up for Windows and Linux.
Gameplay of ICE is mostly inspired by games like Tyrian and Raptor:Call of the Shadows.
Currently, the game is in alpha; we have a short playable campaign but we're still
missing basic features like bosses and ship upgrading.

In ICE, the player has one "main" weapon that's the typical basic shoot-em-up
weapon (with a twist), and multiple secondary weapons that are drastically different
and take a while to reload. To defeat the more difficult enemies, you need to
combine these weapons in a smart way.

An important focus of ICE is moddability. It is already possible to create new ships, weapons,
projectiles, levels and even campaigns by modding. Our site also contains extensive
tutorials and documentation on how to mod ICE. However; currently this is all done
in an old-school, text editing way; there are no editors built in the game yet.

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ICE 0.1 released


We’ve released ICE 0.1, the first playable release of ICE! You can now play the first levels and even try modding to create your own ships. The game is not even nearly complete, but you can get a basic idea of how ICE will look.

Random gameplay screenshots Random gameplay screenshots

Version 0.1 has one mini-campaign of 4 levels featuring various enemies, ranging from very easy to hard. Sounds have just been added very recently, and they still need work. Many things are still missing; ship upgrading is nonexistent and bosses are very basic.


ICE 0.1 (alpha) for Windows


ICE 0.1 (alpha) for Linux

Builds for Linux and Windows can be found in the Downloads section of our site. If you have any comments or criticism for the game, you can post in the ICE forums.

Help make ICE better!

ICE is an open source project anyone can contribute to.
The ICE team is always looking for new people to join the project.
We especially need sound artists and level designers, but any kind of contribution
is welcome. If you're interested in contributing, drop by on the forums.

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ICE 0.1 (alpha) for Linux

ICE 0.1 (alpha) for Linux


0.1 release of ICE (Linux version, 32 and 64bit). Contains a short 4-level campaign.

ICE 0.1 (alpha) for Windows

ICE 0.1 (alpha) for Windows


0.1 release of ICE (Windows version). Contains a short 4-level campaign.

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