Welcome to Yogurtland!
Be part of ice cream adventure by making ice cream or yogurt in
this free cooking game for kids.
Visit ice cream village where magic

A wicked witch from the wicked land found out that her sister, a wicked witch of the west, was in deep sleep, because fairies, thanks to the kids, put her to sleep by making cakes. She was so angry that she
sent her dragons to melt the yogurt land. After the damage that was
done to them, Yogies need help to make as many ice cream and frozen yogurt as
possible to rebuild the Yogurtland.

This android game is made of several free games for kids. Playing of each
starts with choosing the ice cream or
frozen yogurt recipe according to
the game play rules. After choosing
the cooking recipe you need to mix ingredients with the help of Yogies and
their ice cream machine. Ice cream games
all of them
are oreo, cup frozen yogurt, monster ice cream, ice
cream cake, ice cream sandwich
and you can use ice cream shop for more ingredients
to recipe

Be an ice cream and frozen yogurt maker and turn into a real cooking chef! Have fun in this free
game for children
and make magical ice
and yogurt on your own. The residents of Yogurtland need your help so use all your skills in this learning game for free. This fairy tale game is not all about making ice cream and frozen yogurt, it is an adventure, you
will enjoy making and have fun doing so. Save the world and be a hero in this cooking ice cream game!

Time Company makes games for girls
and boys which are educational games for
, the purpose of which is to teach them how to make ice cream and frozen
in a magical way. The action of this game takes place in the
imaginary world of magic, fairy tales,
witches, dragons and other original magical creatures created by Wizards
Time team. Ice Cream Magic - Cooking
is entertaining because kids learn how to make ice cream
and frozen yogurt in a magical way.

All frozen yogurt games in this cooking app free can be repeated as
many times as you want. It's time to be an ice
and frozen yogurt maker,
so make ice cream now!

How to play
Ice Cream Magic - Cooking Games:

Download the game

♥ Press
"PLAY" button to start

♥ Choose the recipe

♥ Click on
the ingredient which glows, ice cream truck will bring them to the
magical machine

♥ Click on
the Yogy who mixes the cream

♥ Click on
the second Yogy who will froze the cream

♥ Click on
the ice cream van which will drive
the ice cream to the dress up

♥ On the
left side of the screen of frozen yogurt
you have 6 buttons:


- golden

- hand for moving elements

- undo button





♥ On the
right side of the screen you have 6 buttons


- maximize

- minimize

- shuffle

Green balloons with decoration elements

♥ Once you
start decorating the cooking timer
will countdown.

♥ After
finishing the game you can

- save image

- set image as wallpaper or contact icon

- share on Facebook

- start over

♥ In order
to control the making ice cream game,
you will notice the menu button in the left bottom corner of the screen. On
clicking the menu you can

- turn on/off the sound

- start again

- reload

Facebook: Facebook.com

Ice Cream Magic - Cooking Games is an intellectual
property of Wizards Time LLC - copyright 2013. If you have any questions
contact us at wizardstime@gmail.com

This game is translated to English, Français, Deutsch, Italiano, Español,
Português, Русский, Polski, Čeština, Svenska, Nederlands, Srpski, Hrvatski,
Türkçe, 漢語, عربي, Bahasa Indonesia,
日本語, 한국어, ภาษาไทย, Ελληνικά.


Title "Miss Busy Body" and "Hallucination" (Pond5.com); Licensed under the
Pond5 Royalty-Free License

This app was tested on many smartphones and tablets, so that users do not
experience troubles while installing or playing the game.

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