There is a high probability that a large comet will collide with us within the next three years. Fortunately, scientists say they can change the orbit of a comet using a black hole to prevent it. In addition, it was reported that the United Nations Organization could create a mini black hole. But there is a problem. This black hole is still too small and powerless. We must quickly grow this mini blackhole to change the orbit of the comet. But this mini blackhole eats only the specific candy ! Our mission is to remove the obstacles from the specific candy scattered all over the place, so that the black hole can eat it. How to play: it's very simple to control as easy as using one finger. 1. Select a proper bomb 2. Touch & Drag on any place of game screen 3. Depending on the length and angle of the drag, the intensity and trajectory of the firing is changed There are various solutions to clear levels. If you think you find a new and pa

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How to play

PR Tutorial

[Game Objective]

The mini black hole is too starving.

To let the black hole eat the candy by removing various obstacles is our mission.

[How to play]

  1. Select a Bomb in slot that you want to fire.
  2. Drag to aim and adjust the strength of firing.
  3. Release to fire a bomb which you selected on the slot.

There are several types of bomb.

Players have to combine different bombs properly to solve each level.

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Hungry Black Hole Level 10

Hungry Black Hole Level 10


You can clear this level like this but if you want to get triple medal, you need to come up with more creative idea to clear this level.

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