Lightup 7 is a hexagon puzzle game that anyone can easily.
You've learned all the rules when you clear the first stage.
But don't be pride.
The more you play on the stage, the more you will have to do all you can.

◈ How to play
⊙ Touch Hexagon.
⊙ Up to seven hexagons, including six adjacent hexagons, are turned on or off.
⊙ If you turn on all Hexagon lights in the screen, you can clear the stage.

◈ Game Features
⊙ Hundreds of stages are implemented.
⊙ Gather dozens of different and distinctive skins.
⊙ Play time mode & mirror mode every 10 stages and try to acquire items.
⊙ All your actions are recorded. Update your top record.

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'LightUp7' has been released


Wake your sleeping brain!
Brain activation game 'LIGHT UP 7'

'LightUp7' is a familiar hexagonal puzzle game, but the gameplay is completely new.

We have made the game so that anyone can easily understand the rules of the game and the gamer is not easily bored or frustrated.

iPhoneX ScreenshotAll 01

iPhoneX ScreenshotAll 02

Gameplay is simple.
Touch one of hexagons and you can turn on or off the 7 lights around the Hexagon
It will be clear when you turn on all the lights of hexagon on the screen within fixed number of times.

You can play hundreds of stages in this game.
You can collect dozens of skins
Enjoy a variety of stages such as time mode, mirror mode and so on.

'LightUp7' is available for download on Android and iOS.
We hope you will enjoy playing.

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