HIM is a platformer that is focused on your decisions. It's a short game that features three different endings depending on your choices during the game and hopefuly it'll make you realize how you can relate a lot of important issues to the core story of this game. Cause "I" created "you", right? And "he" is not like us, right? So if "I" order "you" to kill "him"... Will you do it?

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Beta gameplay test!!


I've worked a bit on the game and I'm currently trying to fix the last sprite bugs there are, which may not be fixed by the time I upload the beta today ((it's a gameplay beta after all I just want a bit of feedback on the controls and such rather than the art, as some sprites are going to be changed probably)).

The beta will have levels 4, 7, 8 and 10. I selected this specific levels cause each one introduces a new gimmick to the game. Level 2 introduces spikes but I guess most gamers have the jump above not to die thing covered. In level 4, the HIM mechanic gets introduced. You can either jump on HIM to kill him and progress directly to the end of the level or through an easier path or you can take a more difficult path and save HIM. Level 7 introduces spike balls moving around the place. Level 8 has kind of the first real challenge of the game having HIM in it, spike balls and a new mechanic: moving platforms. Moving platforms don't reveal what direction they're going to take until you get on them so don't just trust that they're going to move to the clear path ahead. Opposite to normal blocks, platforms are not 32x32 but rather 32x16 so you will realise where they are, unless they're actually in camo, that meaning on another block that makes it look like they are part of one. Bottom line, they're a fair challenge. Level 10 is part of the third part of the game ((levels 9-12)) meaning it's one of the difficult levels. Each 4 levels you change background color and difficulty so levels 9-12 are more or less the same difficulty. I upload 10 basically cause I want to see if the difficulty is too low or too high compared to 7 and 8 from the last set of levels.

And that would be all for this update!! Stay tuned for the release of the gameplay beta in some hours maybe even less and thanks for supporting HIM!!

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HIM Gameplay Beta

HIM Gameplay Beta

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Gameplay beta mentioned in the 7/29/2013 news. Levels 4, 7, 8 and 10. Feedback appreaciated.

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