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Hexodus is Hex-grid based turn based strategy game with mechanics that were greatly inspired by Civilization 5, XCOM: Enemy Unknown, and Sins of a Solar Empire. Having fled from your original homeworld, you must now start a new civilization and expand by colonizing or conquest. Take control of new worlds, build up your fleet, and fortify your borders as you are not the only rising power.

  • Colonize or conquer planets to expand the borders of your empire.
  • Build from a vast range of ship classes, with specialized roles and planet-based perks.
  • Utilize ship to ship tactics taking advantage of directional and cover-based combat.

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Very heavy focus has been put into the combat to make it feel more interesting and tactical.

  • Mass and Cover Based Combat
    • Protect your small or vulnerable ships behind a large capital ships and planetary bodies. Or set up defensive, ambushes, and escort formations to give your forces the upper hand.

hexodus cover examp

  • Directional Damage and Rotation
    • It’s not only important where you place your ship, but in which direction it is facing. Directional attacks allow critical hits on other ships and determining where on the ship the damage was done. Giving a well-coordinated strike force the opportunity take out or severely cripple a powerful flagship.


  • Action Points
    • Similar to XCOM: Enemy Unknown, all unit are limited to at least two action points which can be used to move, attack, etc. each turn.

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Planets are designed to draw most of the focus for the Hexodus gameplay. With space being vast and open without any physical barriers to bottle neck players, we wanted to make owning and losing planets feel significant and have an impact on your fleet capabilities.

Planets have six types of resources. The first 3 primary resources are Population, Energy, and Security. These resources effect what ships you are able to build at that planet, how fast they will build, and how easy it is to defend.

Every ship class has a basic cost, population determines how many turns it will take to build a ship.

Different ship classes require a certain amount of energy to be built. If a planet has a low energy value, then it can only build smaller ships. As opposed to a planet with a high energy value that would be able to build any type.

Security determines the number of ships that need to be around a planet in order to capture it from an enemy player. A planets security will also increase based on the number of friendly ships around it.

The secondary resources are Titanium, Silicon, and Carbon. These resources give Armor, Speed, and Damage bonuses to ships that are built on that planet. Titanium gives ships additional armor, silicon gives additional speed, and carbon increases damage.

All six of these resources are balanced across six different planet types including Terran, Desert, Frozen, Gas, Molten, and Liquid.


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This game has gone through lots of redesigns and revisions. With a lot of core mechanics and programming now completed, we can't wait to start showing a lot more content in the following weeks and months. Until then, here is a little taste of what we are working on right now.

colony ship tease

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Hexodus Rebuilt


Hexodus has been rebuilt from scratch using all new tools, assets, and mechanics.

Hexodus will now be released for PC and hopefully for touch screen devices with a refined interface. I decided to rebuild this game from the ground up for a technical reason involving issues with the original SDK, but also for a chance to make a better quality game before investing too much time in development.

Visual Changes:
I've also received some help in making the game much more visually appealing. While not final, we have brand new assets and now present the game in an isometric view.



New Planets, Resources, and Perks:
All planets have three attributes (Population, Energy, Security) and resources (Titanium, Silicon, Carbon) with pairs of high, medium, and low quantities balanced between them. This is based off of what types of planet it is, so a desert planet would have high energy and silicon but low security and titanium. Planets are also given a random selection of passive perks that can be researched. All these details will be better explained in future news. Along with many of the new assets, planets are now made from 3d renders for a much cleaner and more realistic look.

Gameplay Changes:
The game is still a turn based strategy game involving colonizing and conquering planets. To give planets more character and importance, players can now invest resources into a planet for permanent passive upgrades. Making some planets more desirable than others and help focus combat forces more naturally than having everything spread out.

A major design change in combat is that ships now deal different types damage based on their rotation. Giving greater reward for flanking enemy ships, taking inspiration from XCOM: Enemy Unknown two-move combat mechanics.

There are four sections of a ship, the front with 0% chance of critical damage, front-sides with 20%, rear-sides with 40%, and the rear with 80%. Examples below show attack ranges and critical chances of the red ship against the blue ship. Red tiles representing front facing weapons and yellow tiles representing omnidirectional weapons.

No matter the rotation, omnidirectional weapons offer no chances of critical hits. Making ships that specialized in omnidirectional damage better as a close range or crowd fighting combat. While directional specialized ships with better front facing weapon damage are great for long range defense or ambush tactics.

What's Next:
There is still a lot of work to be done, but the game is nearing to a playable state. Next update will show off the new UI. I hope you all like the changes that have been made an looking forward to hearing you feedback.

Hexodus Announced!

Hexodus Announced!


Hexodus is a turn based civilization and space combat game. Two player must fight and colonize to expand their empires on a randomly generated system...

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