Hero Keeper is a real time strategy game that will have you constructing a kingdom to attract heroes who will explore, fight, shop and quest in your realm. Heroes will buy and find equipment, potions, charms, magic books and much more that they can use to become more powerful and gain new abilities! Throughout the campaign you will be faced with fighting hordes of monster and even other Kingdoms with their own Heroes.

Alongside the campaign there is also a skirmish mode that will allow you to customise the way you play, you can fight monsters or rival kingdoms as well as play on different types of random maps. Hero Keeper supports rival kingdom AI who will build up and attract heroes the same as you would, the AI will also play differently every time having many different strategy’s to choose from.Heroes have different personalities for instance; Knights will occasionally rush off to do battle on their own while thieves will steal gold from your shops as well as enemy kingdoms and monsters.

Main features:

-Campaign and Skirmish modes

-Handle different kinds of heroes from knights to wizards, even beast handlers and necromancers.

-Build a kingdom to attract heroes and destroy your rivals!

-Fight Monsters with various abilities and personalities.

-Fight other kingdoms with rival heroes and abilities.

-Fight in many different environments with actively changing weather.

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Content Update 1.1.23


Play a new content quest and unlock the ability for legendary chests to spawn and watch your heroes use unique item abilities on their enemies!

This update provides you with a new quest, that once completed will allow Legendary Chests to spawn not only in skirmish mode but the campaign as well. These chests will provide a random legendary item to the hero that opens it.

Unlike regular items, legendary items will visually show up on heroes that have them. So if you have a horde of giant spiders attacking your towers for instance, you’ll know to look for a Hero that is wearing the Head of the spider queen. An item that allows the hero that wears it to summon a small horde of spiders to do their bidding.

More Legendary items will be added with future updates alongside new quests to unlock even more content!

Legendary Items: the bomb Bag Legendary Items: Head Of The Spider Queen

Thanks for following the development of Hero Keeper!

You can play the current version of Hero Keeper by going to our website, downloading the game from itch.io or google play.

Diorrini11 - - 11 comments

Seems pretty good, looking foward to play it!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
armouredboar Creator
armouredboar - - 29 comments

Thanks for taking interest and following the project! :)

Reply Good karma+1 vote
Ristyo - - 5 comments

Tracked. I would suggest drawing better sprites for the village and others.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
armouredboar Creator
armouredboar - - 29 comments

Thanks for tracking and the suggestion! I’ll look into changing the designs for the structures as soon as the new UI and menu’s are ready.

Reply Good karma+2 votes
illdiewithoutpi - - 3 comments

It looks interesting, I'll be looking forward to see what this game will look like.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
armouredboar Creator
armouredboar - - 29 comments

Thanks for the interest! :)

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