HELLSEED is a first person horror adventure with puzzles and some action elements.


Italy 1980,

some doctors of a psychiatric hospital in province of Turin report the missing of a colleague of their own to the police.

You are the detective investigating about what happened.

The first place in whch you start the research is the house of the doctor.

While in the house, many strange things will happen and a dark presence will seem to follow you everywhere you go.

What does it want from you?

What is the relationship between it and the doctor?

Is the doctor really missed?

Is he dead?

All these questions and many others you will have to answer for discovering the truth and completing the chapter 1.

Be careful and don't panic, someone will try to catch you and take you to hell...


  • Realistic graphics:

    Thanks to the power of S2ENGINE HD the game performs a photorealistic environment that will completely immerse you in the detective's shoes.

  • Horror atmosphere:

    The game is inspired to the atmosphere of classic italian horror cinematography, with a lot of jumpscares and references to Italian beliefs.

  • Intriguing story:

    As detective you will discover all the secrets of the house and its tenants.

  • Puzzles and investigation:

    Using a well-structured inventory, during the game you will be able to collect and examine objects and use them when you need to solve puzzles.

  • Chasing Gameplay:

    A dark presence will start to chase you at a certain point in the game, you have to run and hide using what the environment offers to you.

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Hi to all,

We are proud to announce we have finally released our first game HELLSEED in Early Access on Steam.
You can find it here: Store.steampowered.com

The game is developed using our engine S2ENGINE HD (also available on Steam here: Store.steampowered.com).

NewTrailer cover

It is far from perfect (it is an early access) but we are very happy and proud we finally succeeded in completing this first part of the game and we are already working for improving it.
During the next weeks we will focus on releasing updates for speeding up in-game performances and loading times.

20221115115641 1

Do not forget to give us your feedback and report bugs, we appreciate a lot when users and gamers give their contribute.
Subscribe to Discord community: Discord.gg

Hope you will enjoy it.

Stay tuned for further updates,

HELLSEED DEMO Live on STEAM! Steam Game Festival Summer Edition

HELLSEED DEMO Live on STEAM! Steam Game Festival Summer Edition


We are very excited to announce HELLSEED demo will be participating in the Steam Game Festival - Summer Edition!

buzinskidylan - - 4 comments


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buzinskidylan - - 4 comments


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Guest - - 696,247 comments

No tienen una demo?

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bugbuster77 Creator
bugbuster77 - - 16 comments

Coming soon

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aoa25 - - 46 comments

seems promising :)

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