Hello Neighbor is a stealth horror game about sneaking into your neighbor's house to figure out what horrible secrets he's hiding in the basement. You play against an advanced AI that learns from your every move. Really enjoying climbing through that backyard window? Expect a bear trap there. Sneaking through the front door? There'll be cameras there soon. Trying to escape? The Neighbor will find a shortcut and catch you.

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It's a pretty good game. I love playing the mods that people create and I also love making my own mods! The cutscenes in the full release are wonderful and the story isn't that hard to understand!

I had high hopes for this game when it was advertised.. I remember how it talked a good game of A.I. that changes each time you play.

But this? Is not what I'd call worth waiting so long for, I played it and it's so broken and boring that it makes "Joke" games like Push Trump Off A Cliff Again look like a masterpiece.



ProtagonistChild says

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its, ok.

but the full game is full of bugs and *****, but thanks to tinybuild for patching this game everyday.

the ending was bad because instead we save the neighbor, we got escaped in our fear, and it was a dream all along.

The Prototype and Pre Alpha are the only one best.

Act 1 and Act 2 were short, but there the only acts i played.

Good idea, good atmosphere, bad stability..

Hello Neighbor is a stealth and puzzle game that focuses on your neighbor locking something in his basement. The objective, or goal, is to try to find out what it is, by solving puzzles throughout the house without the neighbor knowing. Keys, Keycards, Crowbars, and more essential items are hidden throughout the house in some random location and you have to find them.
I love the game. It's amazing. Hello Neighbor has really great art, and the story is easy to understand. The reason why people complain about this game as I've seen in reviews, is probably because it's hard for them to understand the story. But you can see that it's showing you a story as the game progressing. The game isn't telling you the story, it's showing you. I also enjoy playing the hello neighbor mods that the hello neighbor modders develop. I enjoy playing them after I beat the full game. These modders are talented and creative. Sometime I'll start developing my own mods soon as I figure how to use the modkit! So thank you hello neighbor developers for developing this game and thank you hello neighbor modders for developing the mods! You fellow modders are doing great! I hope this review helped.

Meme game.


It's a really nice game! 10/10

i love it


HelloModder says

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I enjoyed this game during development but it was a bit of a disappointment in the end.

The Alpha 1 and Pre-Alpha builds: had the most advanced A.I and a more horror feel but were fairly shorter than the other builds. Also had a lot of of hints to a back-story that seems to have been scrapped. BEST BUILDS.

Alpha 2: Had a more Cartoony, kid-friendly approach with a less advanced A.I that spams cameras and does NOT block doors, or place traps anywhere away from a door. This builds had a lot of secrets and scrapped content. For instance Alpha 2 had a COMPLETE basement that was at one point fully operational before release of this build. Ue4 update broke the old A.I so it's not as intelligent. Fairly Enjoyable build.

Alpha 3: This version featured a more elaborate house with a bunch of puzzles and 1st draft of the final house. This had a bunch of secrets in it too. 2 halves of a qr code ect. Less enjoyable than the last builds because of how dark it is.

Alpha 4: Same house as the last build but everything is in a different place. Has Day-Night cycle. Not played by me due to lagginess b/c of house being made of geometry brushes.

Beta 1-2: Same house but with even more Cartoony models (Like it needed more of those, THIS IS SUPPOSED TO BE A HORROR GAME!.) and intro sequence. Gave hints to being the neighbor's son (The picture in intro.). Very glitchy, Nearly unplayable. (Broken by Ue4 update, again!)

Beta 3: Made a lot of changes to the game. No More
un-textured/stretched textures on house. New puzzles, Bugs fixed.

Full Game: Split into 3 acts. Very buggy. (Again!) Story completely changed, (No more hints of being the neighbor's son!) has an Anti-climactic ending.

------------Extra Facts-----------
Pre-Alpha Unedited game-play version: Has more sfx, scarier, Neighbor smarter than public Pre-Alpha's version. Never Released. Youtube.com

Alpha 1.5: Early Alpha 2 build. Pretty much the same except in the old Art-style and other minor details that are different. Has over-all creepier feel than Alpha
2. Gives complete access to basement. Full Gameplay: Dropbox.com

August 29th build: Unreleased, You were seemingly the neighbor's son no gameplay minus leaked stuff in mod-kit. Neighbor escapes the shadow-man (The thing.)

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It's a pretty good game. I love playing the mods that people create and I also love making my own mods! The cutscenes in the full release are wonderful and the story isn't that hard to understand!

Mar 4 2018 by Pikminator