Hard lander is a physics based local multiplayer game designed for up to 4 players. Invite three of your friends to compete for bragging rights and couch cred in what might be the most advanced rocket acrobatics simulation ever created! If you don't have any friends around, practice your piloting expertise in the tough-as-nails challenge courses that will be sure to have you throwing your controller across the room as you hone your skills.
*Highly technical local multiplayer fun!
*Pressure sensitive thrust and rotation for unprecedented control.
*Tough-as-nails physics based piloting
*Crab walking.

Hard Lander Multiple Pilot Training Video HD - Desura

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PC Version: Hard Lander

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Have more fun with your friends this weekend with improvements to ship physics and Sumo! Shove your friends into a laser wall and show them who's boss. The ships are now easier to control for beginners and faster and more nimble for veterans. More fun for everybody!Level changes

This build removes slow mo from the SUMO level which allows some different stratagies such as shoving like this!

A little bit of explanation of how Slowmo works is needed. In most levels once a player wins by being the last person standing, there is a slow mo that lasts a couple seconds. This is fun because it adds a bit of punch to the victory, but also because if you die during this slow mo the round is a tie. This gives other players that would have lost something to root for and causes lots of cheering at the expense of the might be winner which makes the game more fun. However, in Sumo it's fun to be able to push the player out of the ring. However, with Slowmo on this almost always resulted in a tie. This is possible because in Sumo ship to ship destruction is disabled so pushing is a valid option. I think this makes the level a lot more fun and interesting.Gameplay changes

Hard Lander has always been a bit top-heavy. This can be fun because it requires a high level of skill to balance without crashing. However durring playtesting I realized that this makes the learning curve a bit too high for new players. So I reduced the mass of the top of the ship by 30%.

This changes the ship behavior in two ways:

  • The ship how has a lower center of gravity. This means that it will very slightly self balance when you are pointing up. So if you are pointing straight up you will not tip over. Hopefully this makes it a little easier to get over the first hump of the learning curve which is not tipping over. Landing is now a 'tiny' bit easier as well.
  • Since the ship is a bit lighter you can now turn a bit faster and accelerate faster. This is more fun for advanced players as you feel more nimble. Make no mistake, this game is still very hard to master and is very satisfying to fly once you get the hang of it.

Bug Fixes:

  • pesky asteroid collider fixed.
Hard Lander v0.84 released.  New Death Sphere and aim-able Laser on Laser Lab!

Hard Lander v0.84 released. New Death Sphere and aim-able Laser on Laser Lab!


Fresh from showing at PAX Prime, the new show build is now available! If you have an itch for super competitive local multiplayer games, you owe it to...

Hard lander Alpha Releasing to Desura on July 30!

Hard lander Alpha Releasing to Desura on July 30!


If you wanted to play hard lander with your friends and dont have an OUYA, your in luck! On July 30th Hard lander will be released to desura for Windows...

Hard Lander Pilot Training Video

Hard Lander Pilot Training Video


At Outerspace Industries we train all of our test pilots with the best training possible. This video shows pilots how to react when testing with multiple...

Hard lander 0.7 update coming soon!

Hard lander 0.7 update coming soon!


Do you have friends? Do you want to smash them with the butt end of a rocket ship? Then you should check out hard lander!


Fantastic couch game! Hard to control and I think that adds to the crazy crazy fun.

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