Are you able to manage the happiness and the money of an unstable obr?

In The Happiness Project you are the omnipotent force that owns the future of our orb.

By itself, it gains happiness per second, in your hand is to invest its happiness in money, which will grant you happiness boosts like Time Speeding or Double Power Ups.

Right now, the game is in starting developement and there isn't an Alpha ready, but I'll keep you informed.

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Hello there folks!


Here we have the Update#2 such a great update for the project, it has became a pretty butterfly, now it only needs to fly :D

It has been such a hell to find a colour palette that matched the way I want everything, but it seems colorful and cute now, maybe it'll get a change in the future, it also needs more assets to decorate the background, and higher objets like planets, satellites and.. UFOs?

The future will speak, meanwhile, in the present, here's what we have

Graphics in U#2:
- Grass and Sky that degrades color to black space.
- Pretty cool awesome mountains
- Clouds(Which get a random height spawn and move forward until their death)
- An aura to the orb when it is draining happiness

But behind the Graphics we have all the gameplay helping the beauty taste sweet

In the U#2:
- Added the script that increases Orb's height depending on its happiness.
- A multiplier that increases in a % the happiness gain ratio depending on the Orb's height
- Now, it is impossible to reduce happiness to a negative state

Update#2 Incoming

Height multiplier function
I don't know what is coming next for the U#3, maybe a very basic UI and ways to invest money gained. I'll keep you informed

Happiness Project - Update #1

Happiness Project - Update #1


Information and details of the first developement update of Happiness Project

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