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GunnRunner is a platforming, bullet-hell, shoot'em'up with an emphasis on speed running. The game is set in a virtual world controlled by sentient machines. These machines have destroyed your home planet and trapped you in an environment of their creation. Plow through every enemy in your path or skillfully dodge the onslaught of bullets. Venture deep into the constructed world of the machines, destroy every guardian, and discover the means to stop their vicious cycle of destruction. Do you posses the power to halt annihilation?

Hundreds of Hand-crafted Levels

Every tile and every pixel was meticulously placed to create a skilled environment. Nothing in this game is randomly generated. Learn how enemies react to your actions and maneuver around the levels with ease. Master each world and become the best GunnRunner on the Network.

Unique & Interesting Enemies

The machines that fill the Network are nothing you have ever seen. Each enemy has pre-built bullet and movement patterns that will keep you running and shooting.

Fine-tuned Movement Mechanics

No corner was cut. Continuously iterated to create the best feeling movement of any fast-paced platformer.

Level Builder

Desire more than the base experience? Dive into the level editor and create your own challenges. Share your work and show off your creativity.

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GunnRunner is officially out of Early Access. You can find the game on Steam. If you are on the fence of a purchase, try the FREE DEMO.

That took some consideration there: a free demo. Luckily for me, I went to several conventions to showcase GunnRunner. The first con was PLAYTHROUGH 2023 in Raleigh, NC. Everything was splendid, except I was dissatisfied with the upkeep of the game. Meaning, I had to physically reset the game back to the point where I wanted players to begin. This was simply not going to fly at the next convention: PAX EAST 2023.

For PAX EAST, I prepared a demo build of GunnRunner. This demo has a tutorial level to begin with extra tooltips. The level is longer than most levels in the game, but serves the purpose of introducing the player to the primary mechanics in a controlled environment. I realized that you must cater the experience to the potential audience. In this case, a person who you will only hold the attention of for maybe 5 minutes. I would never design something so tooltip and tutorial heavy into the game itself. But for a convention experience; the perfect concession to make.

Probably the most important part of the demo. An automatic timer that counted down when the player stopped moving. If a player walks away from the setup, a timer begins and at zero: it resets the demo. Absolutely no work on our part. Additionally, an overall timer that will reset the demo after the player had played for 10 minutes.

So, with a few tweaks, I cooked the demo and sent it to the Steam-verse. I know questions raise regarding the validity of demos. Well, I believe my game is great, and the demo is great. I have done the best I can; if I still do not make a sale, then it is what it is.

A button to download the GunnRunner Demo

My push for social media has been extravagant. Each post I make is almost an experiment in "what works?" I strive to make clickbait thumbnails and titles, and deliver with engaging content. I ask myself, "I released a game, now what?". My mission statement is to continue to support it. But you have to MAKE time to show it to the world.

My most recent YouTube Short (subscribe to @pixelcastgames) has it all. Silly thumbnail (at least on Instagram), nonsense title, hashtags, and it even loops somewhat nicely.

But the content is fascinating. Potentially to developers who might be inspired by dynamic explosions. And of course players, because explosions are cool and go boom. This next one is borderline parody:

You really just have to not be afraid to put yourself out there. My posts across social media have garnered well over 100k views in the month since release. 100k is more than ZERO. All it takes is for that right person to spot you.

A couple dedicated Runners have made their way to the pixelCast Games Discord. Foster that community as well. Interact and be transparent; be chill. Share random updates to the appropriate platform. Record some random developer stuff and post it. Right a off-the-cuff blog (like this). Be excited and get your mind thinking about all the little-awesome things you have accomplished. Takes courage to put yourself out there.

GunnRunner Early Access - Soon(tm)

GunnRunner Early Access - Soon(tm)


We wish to foster a community through feedback and play testing. The game is close to completion, so we will appreciate all the help we receive. This...

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