Ever wanted to "really" dodge bullets in slow motion? Now you can! What about shooting down some crazy looking enemies "Akimbo style" while doing flips in the air? Great! Gun Funk is a stylish single-player 3rd person shooter game in which the player can slow down time. This allows you to dodge bullets and swords, all while trying to shoot down everything that moves. The game is designed around these mechanics, challenging the player to come up with a way to beat the level. The levels are small, focused on a single challenge(last man standing, beat the clock, make it across the level, survive as long as you can...) and work a bit like puzzles. Beating a level will unlock the next one. Some levels have additional challenges, that if completed will unlock extra levels and rewards. The game also has a high-score system, which scores anything from the number of bullets fired, to how many flips you did in the air, the time it took you to complete the level, etc.

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Gun Funk Game Updates


Hello everyone!

Gun Funk is a new game in development. It is a 3rd person shooter with time mechanics and bullet dodging systems.

There is a new trailer available for the game and demo!


The demo includes 7 levels and 3 cosmetic rewards to unlock. The game can be pretty challenging, so give it a go and see if you can beat it!

You can check out the demo on Itch.io: demo here

Have a great day,


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GunFunk demo

GunFunk demo


Play the Gun Funk demo and experience the thrill of bullets flying by, as you dodge and shoot back in this cool funky game!

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