Guardland is a UE4 based, full CO-OP Medieval style Dungeon Crawler with extreme first-person mode, FULL Cooperative and much more.

The story:

Two knights find themselves in the middle of the corrupted Guardland, which once they called home. After the demonic corruption reached and destroyed their homeland, they decide to venture out and destroy the core of all evil. But the Guardland has something else for them.


Game style:

- Imagine this game with the beauty of Unreal Engine 4, an upgraded combat system of Chivalry: Medieval Warfare, Extremely upgraded full first-person view of Mirrors Edge, the difficulty of Dark Souls and the dungeons of Legend of Grimrock and Skyrim MIXED!


- We love cooperating. The game not only has a coop mode, but it is based around it, and that is the main story line. You will need the other player's help to get through levels with opening doors, pulling levers or just defending you from monsters. (The players will also have extra fun if the work completely together. For example this will unlock coop execution events) There are lots of possibilities in coop! You will feel that you have someone to rely on!

Creepy ambient:

- Most of the game's areas are dark. You should take a torch with you. Oh and remember the sound comming from the dark you think was nothing? Think again.

An army of weapons:

- Lots of different weapons/shields/armors/helmets/items/etc. You can use the build you want: be a heavy tank or fast rouge. Besides you both will have a different look.

Deadly enemies:

- Know your friend well. Know your enemy better.

Branching story:

- Each decision will affect the story, and you will have to decide a lot.

Extreme first person:

- You will only see your character's view. No matter what.

New generation graphics:

- Unreal Engine 4 technology.

Realistic combat system:

- A halberd might be slow and big - but it deals high damage. If you hit your enemy on the right spot of course!

And much more!

Release date & donations:

We have a planned release date, the summer of 2015. We still have a lot to do, and we can not afford any professional help at the moment - but you can help us if you'd like to.

You can donate us a custom amount of your choice - let that be $1 or $10. A limited time offer: if you donate $20 or more, and leave your name in the message box, we'll add it to the end credits as "Supporter".

Remember, this is not a MUST DO! It's completely your decision. We can only than you at this time. Besides it's not begging for money. It's an option if you'd like to help us work faster.

Support us here!

Also stay tuned for updates and if you have any questions/suggestions, be sure to comment!

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Dev Diary #13. - Thank you!


As we post these updates, more and more people start to follow our progress.

We can not thank you enough for supporting us with only pressing the follow button, adding the game to your favorites, or just voting Yes on Greenlight.

We got supporting offers in the past few days as well.
A few things about us:
- Silver Helmet is a small international indie team. We're completely self-founded, except your donations.
We live in different countries, such as the USA, Germany, Bosnia & Herzegovina and Hungary.
Our team has 4 active members at the moment. We all have a different task to do in the development.

Since we're self-founded, we're working for free.
This also effects the release date (planned summer of 2015), because this is just a free time project at the moment.

We're working as hard as we can!
Thank you for following us, or just pressing one of the buttons mentioned above!

Please, consider supporting our work with the amount you chose!
Support us here!

Dev Diary #12. - Mid Dev & Donations

Dev Diary #12. - Mid Dev & Donations


We're working on the game with full force. And hey, you can help us out if you want!

Dev Diary #11. - Slowly but surely

Dev Diary #11. - Slowly but surely


Though you could not see anything, we've been working in the background, and now you can see some new early alpha pics!

Dev Diary #10. - Working on it!

Dev Diary #10. - Working on it!


The development is in progress, though we still have a lot to do.

Still recruiting!

Still recruiting!


Yeah, we need someone who can help us with the animations and the rigs, so we're still recruiting.

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