realistic car crash simulator,test physics of damage! and much more!! (game in development).

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Here is a list of changes that will come to the version 1.7 :

-Free camera Added (with Graphics settings)

-New truck (Gravil T series)

-New car (Wheeled tank)

-New car (Sunburst Race)

-New car color system (More Dynamic)

-Tire pressure ressistance (when the car hits the ground with a certain force, the tires explodes)

-New car tachometer (More complete and dynamic)

-Added car engine and brakes temperature system

-Added car settings in the menu (Like car suspension height, brake torque and others)

-Added enviroment settings

-Added car lights controllers (Turn On headlights and blinkers)

-New monster truck skin

-New car engine sounds

-Car max rpm sound

-Car engine glow at high temperature

-Screen adaptation with all resolutions

Im adding other realistic features but please be patient

please follow me on twitter to see the game updates or news in spanish

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GTM Cars  V1.6

GTM Cars V1.6

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*English* Realistic car crash simulator (Game in development) *Spanish* Simulador de choques realista (juego en desarrollo)

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