Blake was just a normal guy like anyone else. Until he made the biggest mistake of his life. Play as Blake Emerson and help him return from the dead by finding his missing Soul Stone.

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The Grim Shadows development is going smoothly even with such a small team working on it. We have very basic elements set in the game and the planned layout of the first level is completed. We do plan to have a playable demo of the game out hopefully by the end of this month or the begining of May. There should be footage or images coming in soon of ingame play or at least in engine. Sadly many of the members that are working of the game right now will no longer be working on it in three months. The Grim Shadows development will slow down or stop during the summer. The game may or may not be picked up during the Fall. I hope to see this game completed but that is all determined by the members working on the project.

Donald "ShermanFTW" Broderick
Founder/President of DWCGDC

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