I'm aiming at developing a puzzle&gravity bending platformer. Two ball-like robots are lost in decayed world, full of broken machines and malfunctioning objects. They try to find their way out and escape, navigating through mazes of puzzles, avoiding dangerous falls, manipulating with environment and also gravity but mainly aiding each other. Each robot is equipped with differing set of skills and abilities (switching gravity, moving objects, jumping, etc.) and thus the cooperation is many times the only option how to solve the level and move further! Will you help them find their way to freedom?

Two playable characters make it ideal for a fun co-op play (and of course single player - switching between characters, is also possible for all the lone wolfs out there ;) ). Leaderboards and competition with friends, replayability with aim to achieve better time, less steps is planned as well.

Built using UDK, world is going to be 2,5D (sidescroller) with some 3D twist (camera moving around corners), making it necessary to scan through whole level (what if switch activating this door is behind the corner?).

More can be found at: Gravityspeedrun.blogspot.com

I've put up a small demo with distinctive visual style and (hopefully) interesting gameplay. Currently game demo contains 3 playable levels (with only one playable ball) with different approaches to camera and gameplay. Basically the goal is to collect all coins placed in level, overcoming obstacles, locked doors, puzzles while experimenting with gravity. It can be played on keyboard or using X360 gamepad. All controls are shown on HUD.

Graphics (nor gameplay) is not final as I'm currently seeking an artist to give the world and vision some shape.
Nevertheless, if you'd like to give it a try, you can download the installer from Tinyurl.com

Any ideas, suggestions or thought are greatly appreciated!

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Diary: Co-op test level


Basically level is an get from A to B variation, consisting of various challenges that require co-operation:

co-op level editor

  • two way buttons for opening doors (requires active presence of one pawn to open door for the other one)
  • different abilities of pawns (one is small enough to push through tight spaces, one is bigger and can carry items)
  • moving of platforms to create a bridge to cross the chasm, reach button, etc.
  • solving puzzles (correct sequence, subset, etc.)
co-op level ingame2

co-op level ingame3

co-op level ingame1

Don't forget to check the new videos as well! One example:

I hope you like it!

Diary: Co-op gameplay

Diary: Co-op gameplay


After a short break I'm back to make GravitySpeedrun better and more fun. One of the ideas of how to improve current game concept is to add co-op gameplay...

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Coop demo

Coop demo


Co-op demo level installer (single player so far, switch between playable characters)

demo installer

demo installer


I've put up a small demo with distinctive visual style and (hopefully) interesting gameplay. Currently game demo contains 3 playable levels (with only...

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