Protect your bananas from invading gorillas by throwing bananas to knock them off of buildings. Keep them at bay as long as you can to earn the high score! An updated, tower defense version of the classic DOS game "Gorillas."

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Two big pieces of news this week!
First, Gorilla Defense now features procedurally generated levels instead of a set number of predesigned levels. This means that no two plays are exactly the same, and you'll have to adjust your strategies each time.
Second, in addition to Google Play and Amazon, Gorilla Defense is now available through your browser via Kongregate. The Kongregate version features a leaderboard, so see if you can beat the high score (which currently is held by me!) You can play Gorilla Defense free in your browser at Kongregate.

Gorilla Defense is now free on Android!

Gorilla Defense is now free on Android!


Gorilla Defense is now available for free on Google Play and Amazon

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