This game is simple, fun and, to be honest, pretty hard for your. Its rules are simple: - Tap the screen to control the player's direction. - Avoid walls while taking all diamonds. - Don't spend all steps!

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GoCube is a hard game, it really is! Don't let its visual simplicity fool you. Hate it, love it, but play it! You will have a lot of fun.

We can explain this game using very complex words, but summarizing it, it's just virtual cube which moving direction you change by tapping the screen. You can't control anything else, except the tap! Take all the yellow cubes and avoid the labyrinth of deadly walls, but don't spend all your steps!

GoCube is barely based on classic games like virtual ping pong and tetris. All music in all seven levels is original and unique.

The three rules are simple:

1. Tap the screen to change de direction of the player (also to start the level).

2. Don't touch any wall, but take all the yellow cubes. (taken yellow cubes are shown on the right bottom of screen)

3. And remember... Don't spend all your steps! (be aware of the steps bar. Take some extra steps: ||||||| )

Follow all three rules, and you will win. We trust you

Download for Google Play here:

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